Secure Internet and WiFi System

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Secure Internet and WiFi System: We've partnered with Ubiquiti Networks and Cisco Umbrella to offer an Internet access and WiFi connection system that is the rare find; Works great, cost is right. With this system, our customers are reporting more stable and secure internet access and WiFi connections for their businesses and homes.


  • WiFi is indoor/outdoor capable with mesh technology keeping your devices connected wherever they are within your site (supports multi-site with mirrored settings).
  • Internet access is monitored for performance and security.
  • Filtering of unwanted websites and other online services that threaten the security of your network and/or productivity concerns for employees.
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • PCI Compliant


Included with the one-time costs of this package:

  • Network cabling for WiFi devices.
  • WiFi devices themselves.
  • Gateway router and network switch for WiFi connections and other network devices such as security cameras, computers, printers, as needed.
  • Labor for deployment of WiFi, Router and Switch(es).



  • Site must have internet access from local provider.


  • Monthly billing per user for filtered internet access.
  • Packages can be customized for environment.