Data Security - Desktops

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Data Security - Desktops Over the last decade, we've never lost customer data due to a computer failure, user error or ransom. To build on that track record, we've teamed up with Acronis Cloud Backup to bring our customers a data security solution that keeps it simple - your data backed up how you want, when you want and safe away from harm. Whether you only want those important business documents backed up or the family pictures or the whole computer, our Acronis powered backup service will protect your data from accidental changes, loss from computer failure or theft, and even from ransomware infections that require restore to avoid paying ransom.

Included in this service offering:

  • AES-256 industry standard encryption secures data backup locally or in the cloud (required for HIPAA and PCI Compliance).
  • Personal password key added to encryption so that YOU are the only person in the world who can open the lock.
  • Scheduled backups to local storage and/or Cloud (local storage provided by customer, i.e., external USB drive).
  • Optional complete backups of entire system for total system restore.
  • Backups can be restored anywhere, anytime.
  • Disaster Recovery options available.
  • Acronis storage locations are SSAE 16 certified (required for financial, medical and legal organizations).
  • PCI Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Computers must have Internet access.
  • Computers must be Microsoft Windows or Apple based.
  • Includes license price per computer per month.
  • Billed monthly.
  • Storage space additional