YOUR IT Department

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YOUR IT Department combines our Desktop Security & Maintenance, Managed Server, Managed Network, Data Security and Secure Internet Access packages for our customers who just want a complete one-stop-shop at the best price. With over a decade of providing these services, we're confident customers who choose this package won't waste any more time troubleshooting and fixing technology operational issues when they could be expanding their business and meeting their customer demands. Whether your business is a busy customer service call center, a small coffee shop, a car dealership, a medical services office, a busy ocean side restaurant, a law firm or an engineering lab, we offer these services through this package:

  • HelpDesk Support Line (for tracking and documenting requests)
  • Remote Support ( fast response, cost effective support)
  • Service Level Agreement
    • Desktop Security & Maintenance TIER3 Package
    • Managed Server TIER3 Package
    • Data Security Package
    • Managed Network TIER3 Package
    • Network Operations Center (24x7x365 network monitoring and alert response)
    • Secure Internet Access Package
    • Printer management (toner levels, ordering alerts, maintenance kit alerts)
    • Personal Device management (laptops or smartphones that are assets of the business and/or that require management for security purposes. We help enforce policies consistent with the legal and operational needs of the business)
    • Computers must have Internet access.
    • Computers must be Microsoft Windows or Apple based.
    • TIER3 Engagement w/3hr retainer.
    • Service Level Agreement
    • Prices are a combination of each service.
    • Billed monthly or annual for discount.