What are Managed Security Services?

    This day in age many business owners just want their computer users to be productive, their Wi-Fi to work for their guests and in the back room and Internet access to be fast, secure and reliable. They want to know their staff and patrons are safe and locations secure with remote security surveillance at the touch of their smartphone screens. Today's business owners want to know their data is safe, and their staff is protected from falling victim to threats like ransomware, information theft, compliance fraud and other workplace productivity concerns. They're tired of being reactive to expensive, repetitive problems that can be avoided with pro-active controls in place. These business owners either don't have the time, the desire or the budget to fumble over basic daily technology operational issues when they're trying to expand their business and meet customer demands.

    That's where the Managed Security Services Provider, or MSSP comes in. We take the pro-active instead of the reactive approach to systems that support the business in being a business, not a maze of problems and delays. Managed Security Services are simply the tools an MSSP employs to keep customers and the networks they operate in running smoothly and if desired, on the cutting edge. Some customers just want us to protect their computers from ransomware, others want us to take ownership of keeping every single device their business owns in top shape and secure. Whatever it is, we do it with integrity, with Aloha and with respect for your budget. When it comes to running a business, we're the bone in the backbone, and we like to stand up straight.