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We've teamed up with WatchGuard to bring our customers concerned about the increasing number of threats to security and privacy circulating in the news more peace of mind. Threats like ransomware, identity theft, credit card fraud and privacy breaches require a layered security solution that stands between the Internet and your business operations. Unlike traditional desktop security (anti-virus/anti-malware) that deals with the threat after it's already gotten into your network or onto your computer, like a thief wondering through the house after it broke through the basement window, WatchGuard's services stop the threats knocking at the door by passing the inbound and outbound traffic through a series of security filters that detect and stop malicious code from entering and leaving your business. And thanks to cutting edge stealth technology, most thieves won't even know you exist.
These days the threats come in many forms via a variety of channels, some of them working together to gain access to your sensitive information. To combat this evolving trend in cyber-attacks, a unified threat management system is necessary. One that looks at the various channels simultaneously and helps us stop the threats before they cause damage and loss. WatchGuard leads the pack with a Total Security Suite that offers threat correlation and response tools to fight the most advanced threats, including ransomware and zero day attacks. Don't let the swarm of cyberspace keep you and your business from success. Employ a WatchGuard-ian today and focus your energy on building your business instead of reacting to it.


Included in this service offering:

  • Unified Threat Management by our network operations center (NOC) monitors your WatchGuard 24x7x365.
  • WatchGuard is designed to protect business networks of all sizes.
  • Threat correlation and response to fight the most nefarious threats, including ransomware and zero day attacks.
  • Reports of blocked threats, detailed user access history,violations and other metrics.
  • IDS (Intrusion Detection) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention).
  • Gateway Antivirus stops viruses at the door.
  • DLP (Data Loss Prevention) prevents employees from insecurely submitting confidential company information to external recipients. Information like customer Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and other sensitive information is detected and blocked from leaving the company according to company policy.
  • Web-Blocker with over 170 categories to keep employees productive and safe.
  • Geo-location services block incoming traffic based on country of origin.
  • APT Blocker (Advanced Persistent Threat) keeps your network safe from zero-day wild threats that don't have signatures yet.
  • Botnet detection to keep those stealthy hijacks and thieves off your network.
  • Application Control to prevent unwanted programs from accessing the internet like bit-torrents, file-sharing tools, remote access programs, and other unauthorized.
  • PCI Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Internet access.
  • Security services are billed per annual or multi-year discount subscriptions.
  • Average cost per day for a 3yr subscription to Total Security Suite including cost of hardware is $7.50/day. Two cups of coffee for 24x7x365 protection!



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