Internet Access Filtering

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Who is this for? Anyone, business or home, who wants their computer and network to be invisible to bad web pages, web services and workplace productivity concerns. 
We've teamed up with Cisco Umbrella to bring our customers a layer of security that stands between the Internet and your computer. Unlike traditional desktop security (anti-virus/anti-malware) that deals with the threat after it's already gotten onto your computer, like a thief wondering through the house after it broke through the basement window, Cisco's Umbrella service stops the threat by blocking the call - the thief doesn't even know you exist. Every request we make for a web page or a streaming video has to pass through a service called DNS. DNS is what turns our requests into the numbers our computers use to dial and connect with other computers out on the Internet. It's a call and response system. If the call is filtered out because it's part of a policy that prohibits lets say porn or gambling or games, then the response never comes back.
Many of the infections we see on today's networks come from users who mistakenly clicked on a link or opened an email that fooled them into downloading a malicious program, a program designed to steal information, use the computer as a slave, ransom the user for money, or just plain old spy. We work together with your needs to create a first line of defense that stops over 90% of the threats out there before they even reach you. It's like stopping a nuke on the launchpad, it never gets off the ground because it never receives the coordinates for its target. Whether your concerned about the kids going to the wrong places on the Internet, employees wasting company time on personal pursuits, or just want to lock out the malicious threats knocking at the door, Cisco's Umbrella service can protect your home, your place of business or the laptop roaming around the world.

 Included in this service offering:

  • 24x7x365 Internet content filtering by category and threat type
  • Cisco Umbrella can be activated for home, business, roaming computer and all of the above.
  • Reports of blocked threats and general user access history
  • PCI Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Computers must have Internet access.
  • Computers must be Microsoft Windows or Apple based.
  • Billed monthly or annually with discount