Secure Internet and WiFi System

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Who is this for? This is for home offices and small businesses that want the all in one solution for secure and fast access to the Internet and strong WiFi coverage, all managed by a single console. 

We've partnered with Ubiquiti Networks and Cisco Umbrella to offer an Internet access and WiFi connection system that is the rare find; Works great, cost is right. With this system, our customers are reporting more stable and secure internet access and WiFi connections for their businesses and homes.


  • WiFi is indoor/outdoor capable with mesh technology keeping your devices connected wherever they are within your site (supports multi-site with mirrored settings).
  • Internet access is monitored for performance and security.
  • Filtering of unwanted websites and other online services that threaten the security of your network and/or productivity concerns for employees.
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • PCI Compliant


Included with the one-time costs of this package:

  • Network cabling for WiFi devices.
  • WiFi devices themselves.
  • Gateway router and network switch for WiFi connections and other network devices such as security cameras, computers, printers, as needed.
  • Labor for deployment of WiFi, Router and Switch(es).



  • Site must have internet access from local provider.


  • Monthly billing per user for filtered internet access.
  • Packages can be customized for environment.